10 Tips for Being a Great Fitness Instructor

02.07.19 12:16 PM
AquaPhysical want all our FloatFit Instructors and instructors around the world to be the best they can. We teach the best fitness instructors all over the world and want them to be leaders in their fields. 

It is not easy being an amazing fitness instructor, but it is worth it. A successful instructor will see full group exercise classes and happy participants. This brings more success to the individual and the company. 

Here are a few of our key tips to make sure you are a great fitness instructor.

1. Knowledge 

It is important to know what you are teaching. Understand the format that you are teaching, why you are teaching and what the benefits are. It is important to know the exercises that you are teaching. Know what muscles are being used with each exercise and teach the correct form. This will ensure participants know what they are doing and why they are doing it. Teaching the correct form will lead to less injuries, meaning participants will come back to future classes. 

We want to leave participants with the knowledge that they can complete exercises on their own but want to keep returning to your classes.

2. Friendly 

Make sure you treat participants well while they are inside and outside the class. Try to remember names and make them feel welcome. A friendly and approachable instructor will always have full classes. 

Members are the most important part of your club and you need to make them feel like that. You could be the only reason that they are still exercising at that location.

3. Be Prepared

Always have a plan for every class you are going to teach and how you will fill the time. Participants can tell when a class is being thrown together and they are not fun for anyone, the added stress on you and not meeting the expectations of participants. 

Have a class that covers all muscle groups, make them fun and fill the whole allotted time. FloatFit provides a whole class workout and you will never be left looking to fill time.

4. Modify and Progress Exercises 

Classes will include a variety of different abilities. Make sure that you are tailoring the exercises to fit those abilities. A standard class might be too easy or hard and will put members off attending in the future. You want everyone to be working at the best of their abilities. 

All FloatFit exercises have regressions and progressions to make classes challenging for everyone.

5. Connect with Participants

Building a connection is a great tool for fitness instructors. Building connections will help you outside of classes and build your client base. Always remember to acknowledge their efforts, but do not focus on their mistakes. Correct them nicely and keep classes going.

6. Be Energetic and Motivating

Create an exciting atmosphere within classes, this will have members coming back to your classes. Motivate your participants to work harder and put the extra effort in. Classes need to feel positive and purposeful.

A great fitness instructor is always energetic and trying to get the best out of every participant.

7. Healthy Living

It is important that you set a good example for healthy living. As an instructor you have a big influence on your participants. Make sure you are a health living advocate and practice what you preach. 

You are a role model to participants and members. They will ask you for advice. Make sure you have the evidence to back up what you are saying.

8. Fresh and Exciting

Try something new! Members can often get bored attending the same classes all the time. Try teaching a new exercise class and bring your participants along.   

FloatFit Classes are fun, challenging and exciting! Become a FloatFit Instructor and offer classes to your members. We also provide new releases every 3months and monthly updates to ensure classes stay fresh and exciting.

9. Learning

Keep learning and improving. The fitness industry is constantly changing and improving. It is important as an instructor to ensure participants have the latest information and are learning the latest trends. Great fitness instructors will have the latest knowledge and will be passing it on to colleagues and members. 

It is important to keep learning. Some practices that were common years ago have been found out to not be so beneficial. 

10. Over Talking

There is no need to have full conversations in group exercise classes. Keep classes to the essentials. If they are working hard, tell them they are doing well. You don’t need to fill the quietness with talk about other subjects. Keep the focus on the exercises. 

Participants chatting can become easily distracted which can distract other participants. Feel free to have a chat before and after the class but while the class is on, it should be about exercise.

It is constant hard work to be a great fitness instructor but very rewarding. The best instructors will always have their classes full and attendance rates will remain high. It is a rewarding position to be the best at your venue, with the added income and increased demand for your services.