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Market Leaders

55+ countries

1500+ FloatFit Instructors

Aquatic stability training inventors

Quality Equipment

As market leaders we pride ourselves on quality products. Our key product, the AquaBase, is made from high-density drop stitch for rigidity and triple layered PVC for durability. It has a 2 year warranty.

Exhaustive Knowledge & Innovation

We continually innovate new programs and products keeping AquaPhysical as market leaders. Our team have years of experience working with the AquaBase. We carry out extensive trials and research to optimise our products and programming.

Elite Programming

AquaPhysical constantly improve and develop the FloatFit programs. This ensures we stay at the forefront of an ever-developing fitness industry. Certified FloatFit Instructors receive access to the FloatFit Online Portal. This includes: quarterly program releases, an extensive exercise library, useful promotional material and other resources.

Comprehensive Instructor Training

Engaged and well trained instructors lead to higher class occupancy and retention rates. We have the most in-depth aquatic instructor training and programming globally. FloatFit training is internationally accredited. Find out more about the training options here

Unrivalled Support

Guidance is given to venues to ensure FloatFit classes are successful. Including launch guides, educational resources and promotional materials. Each FloatFit venue has a dedicated account manager.

Full Package Provided

Complete solution – equipment, instructor training and programming​

Competitive Pricing

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The Original Floating Exercise Platform

Inventors of Aquatic Stability Training

All-in-one Solution

2-Year Warranty*

Award Winning Innovation

Trusted by Major Global Partners

Internationally Accredited Instructor Certification

Free International Shipping*

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