What is FloatFit?

Innovative group exercise classes on water

Fun and effective sessions for everyone

Full body workout

​Incorporates strength, endurance and balance exercises.

Improves body imbalances and strengthens core stability

Why offer FloatFit?

Boost membership, increase member retention and improve swimming pool footfall​

Complete package – equipment, instructor training and programming

What our clients say

Johnathan Wilkins, Royal Navy

Gillian Wood, Live Life Aberdeenshire

Matteo Cerruti, Holmes Place


Attract new members

Build swimming pool footfall

Improve member retention

Increase income stream

Stand out from competitors

Optimise pool availability

Why run FloatFit?

FloatFit HIIT?
FloatFit GROW?

High intensity interval training

FloatFit Programs

Fun and effective for everyone


Inspired by yoga and pilates


Fun and fitness for children

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