6 Reasons Why Group Exercise Classes Will Benefit You

09.07.19 02:24 PM

Some people thrive on cranking up their iPod playlists and exercising alone. But if you’re not yet mastering the art of motivation for solo exercise, then being part of a group class could be an ideal compromise.

Group exercise classes are becoming an increasingly popular choice for people. While they offer both physical and mental benefits, it’s the coming together with friends and classmates that delivers the greatest benefit over going it alone.

Research shows that members of group exercise classes are 26% less likely to cancel a class than a gym-only member, with 35% remaining loyal. And as the popularity of group exercise classes grows, more new and innovative programmes, like FloatFit, keep participants engaged and motivated.

Nearly all gyms and leisure centres offer group exercise classes and with a wide variety to choose from, there’s something to suit every interest, age, and ability. So can a group exercise class benefit you? Here are 6 reasons why they will.

1. An Effective Instructor 

Having a great fitness instructor will have you working hard, effectively and safely. Qualified class instructors can give you expert guidance on performing exercises correctly and create an all-round positive fitness experience.

2. Structured Classes

Group classes will be well structured so you won’t need to think about or plan what you’re going to do - it’s all done for you. Each class includes a warm-up, a balanced workout, and a cool-down so there’s less chance of injury. 

3. They’re Fun and Social

While group classes make for a great workout, the enjoyment, encouragement, and fun mean you’re more likely to keep attending. And they’re a fantastic way to meet new people with similar lifestyle goals and needs, or just have fun with your friends.

4. There’s Always Variety

Classes offer a lot of variety and each one won’t be the same. AquaPhysical currently offers three different FloatFit programmes appealing to all ages, abilities, and interests. Having choices is important to make sure you don’t get bored.

5. Keep Motivated

People in group classes find that working out together with an instructor gives them more motivation to keep attending. And in group classes, you might feel like you need to keep up with the group - this can give you all the extra motivation you need.

6. Keep Improving

Group exercise classes will help you constantly progress and improve, making you fitter, stronger, and healthier. Certified group classes, like FloatFit, have been designed to ensure a fun, challenging, and effective workout to ensure your improvement. 

Group exercise classes are loaded with benefits and there’s one for whatever you want to achieve. From building your core stability and strength, or managing your weight, to improving your flexibility, and toning your body.

Our FloatFit programmes cover all these bases and more, so why not add one of our classes to your exercise regime? Find your nearest class and join the fun today.