How FloatFit Classes Can Boost Your Athleticism

02.07.19 02:53 PM

We all know getting—and staying— active is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle while improving our physical and mental well being. If you’re looking to challenge yourself, taking your workouts up a gear with our FloatFit classes can boost your athleticism to fine-tune your fitness, strength, and stamina. Let’s find out why athleticism is such an important part of your workout.

Athleticism - what’s in it for me?

While getting active is a great first step for anyone to take, like any other activity, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. By adding certain factors to your activities or workouts, you can boost your athleticism, giving you even greater benefits to improve your quality of life, including:

  • Increasing your physical fitness and mental health
  • Increasing your sports performance
  • Delaying the ageing process
  • Preparing for a longer, healthier life
  • Making your day to day movement easier

So, what is athleticism?

Athleticism doesn’t just come down to one thing. It’s a combination of different components that you can build into your workouts to help improve and boost your overall fitness. Here are 10 key areas where our FloatFit HIIT classes tick all the right boxes to help improve your athleticism:


Increase your overall strength, as well as your core strength for improved posture, by performing specific bodyweight exercise reps.


Building your strength, power, and core strength will help you in most sports, giving you more pace and speed at crucial times.


Rapidly repeated, explosive exercises and movements like squat jumps help build power by building muscle strength.

Balance & Coordination

FloatFit classes are on the water so the imbalance will improve your overall balance and coordination almost straight away.


Every FloatFit exercise is low impact and great for your joints, so you improve your mobility helping you move more freely and easily.


Experiencing the imbalance of the water helps increase your stability, resulting in fewer injuries as you build your core strength.


Being agile and quick on your feet gives you the ability to change direction quickly and easily without straining muscles.

Mental Resilience

Building your mental resilience will help you push on and give 100% in your FloatFit class and in other areas of your life too.

Cardiovascular Capacity

Workouts are great for your CV and each FloatFit class will improve your breathing and increase your lung capacity.


Building stamina will help you improve your endurance and go through the pain barrier without giving up.

Taking all the components we’ve covered here, you’ll see the results of your FloatFit HIIT class, not only in your sporting performance but in everything you do. Most importantly, FloatFit classes are a fun way to improve your athleticism.

Find out more about our FloatFit HIIT classes or take the next step and find your nearest class today.