The Importance Of Training and Retraining Instructors

13.08.19 12:00 PM

Beyond getting a great workout, a key part of any group exercise classes is the levels of energy and enjoyment people get out of them. Class instructors are one of the most important factors in this, and they can be the deciding factor of whether a class is successful or not.

The fitness industry is constantly evolving. Repeating the same classes and ideas for extended periods leaves both class members and instructors bored and unmotivated, leading to a decline in class quality.

To keep the enthusiasm going, it’s vital that instructors are consistently well trained to deliver fresh and motivating classes that improve member retention. This is exactly why AquaPhysical releases new class formats every 3 months. Here are some other reasons why instructor training or retraining is so important.

1. Maintain and Build Knowledge

Retraining helps instructors maintain their current knowledge and build on it by learning new skills and information. Instructors can also become more adaptable, transferring those new skills to other parts of the business.

2. Regulation Compliance

Instructors must continue to comply with the training standards of their country while earning CPD/CEC points to make sure all certificates they have are up-to-date. If not, their qualifications become invalid and that can put employers into legal uncertainty.

3. Raise Engagement

Instructors can get complacent if they’re repeating the same information without learning something new. An engaged instructor means an engaged class - and that’s good for everyone. We always have lots of resources and ideas available on our online portal for instructors to help keep their classes fresh and motivating.

4. Build Loyalty

Investing in your instructor's development shows how highly you value them. You both want your classes to be a success and this will build loyalty and trust. As a result, instructors will always focus on making their classes better.

5. Increase Class Longevity

Retraining your instructors is crucial to class longevity. This will ensure formats are followed using the latest techniques and exercises. All AquaPhysical classes have been specifically designed for this, ensuring they’re always fun, challenging, and exciting.

6. Increase Confidence

Instructors who have the right knowledge and skills to deliver top class exercise classes and management will be confident their classes are the best. Having up to date qualifications will ensure classes are fun, successful and full - meaning increased revenue for you.

In the fitness industry, all instructors should be sufficiently trained or retrained so their qualifications are fully up-to-date. When instructors undertake AquaPhysical HIIT training, their HIIT certifications last for 2 years. This is because we want all our FloatFit Instructors to be learning and improving constantly to deliver the best classes possible.

It also guarantees our instructors are teaching at a consistently high standard in every class, delivering success, and generating more revenue as class members keep coming back.