The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

02.07.19 12:47 PM

We are all aware that keeping fit is brilliant for us physically but exercise provides many additional hidden benefits when it comes to our mental wellbeing.

An article recently published by Education Executive claimed “an increasing number of studies show that physical activity is, in most cases, more effective than medication for mental health issues.”

According to mental health charity, Mind, approximately “one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year.” Exercise may not be considered a cure for mental health but it can certainly help alleviate some the symptoms surrounding it. Research shows that physical activity can help to relieve stress, improve sleep quality and boost our general mood. Below are our top tips on how to incorporate exercise into your daily routine:

1. Create a Fitness Plan 

If you have a plan before you start, it will make it easier for you to stick to. You can set yourself clear and realistic goals to easily track your progress. Having a plan will also make you feel more accomplished once you complete it!

2. Join a Class

One of the best ways to integrate exercise into your daily routine is to take part in a group exercise class. This will increase motivation, enable you to socialise with others and most importantly, have fun!

3. Go Outside

Summer is the perfect time to escape the gym and take your workout outside. Whether it is going for a run, a walk or even an outdoor FloatFit Class! The fresh air will allow you to clear your head and recharge. Being outside can relieve stress, sharpen your focus and generally calm the mind.

4. Be wise with your time

Exercise does not have to cut into your personal ‘down’ time. Why not swap the car for a bike and cycle to work instead? You could also head out for a short walk during your lunch break – a fantastic way to decrease any work-related stress!

5. Reward yourself

Doing a little bit of exercise is better than doing none at all. Going for a 30 minute walk will do wonders to free your mind. It is important to acknowledge the time and effort you have put into exercising and reward yourself for this.

Want to learn more? Watch this great video from Mind that suggests five ways to start moving and feeling bet