The Online Portal

02.07.19 12:59 PM

The Online Portal is a specific area online designed to help FloatFit Instructors keep classes fun, exciting and challenging. It has also been designed to help FloatFit Venues to continue running successful classes, helping them ensure the classes stay at capacity, have great attendance rates and continue to provide value. 

It is important that FloatFit Venues and FloatFit Instructors have access to the Online Portal. Full of resources that are essential tools to keep your FloatFit Programmes a success.

All FloatFit Releases

Every FloatFit Class release is available and only accessible through the Online Portal.  AquaPhysical release a new 30-minute workout every three months. These are designed to keep classes exciting, fun and challenging. Regularly updating the class content will ensure participants keep coming back. 

FloatFit releases have been designed by Fitness experts with years of industry experience. All programmes are different and include various workout styles.

Programme Structures

All programmes have a programme structure which is a summary of the class to make it easier to understand for FloatFit Instructors. 

It is essential that the programmes are easily understandable and can be performed as soon as a new class is released. They are a great way to learn about the classes as it gives a snapshot of the class and what the format the class is.

Programme Videos

To make learning new programmes as easy as possible, AquaPhysical have included programme videos. The videos give an overview of the programme and what exercises are included in the class and the correct order. 

Downloadable Manual

This is to gain in-depth knowledge about FloatFit. This can be downloaded for reference. 

Exercise Library

To compliment the FloatFit releases, AquaPhysical have compiled an exercise library that shows all the exercises for the releases and additional ones that allow the classes to be refreshed without changing the FloatFit format.

Marketing Materials

Everything you need to promote your classes can be accessed through the Online Portal. 

AquaPhysical provide you with artwork for posters, these are ready to be printed and displayed in your venue. Ready to print roller banner artwork, these are amazing eye-catching displays perfect for catching the interest of anyone in your venue. Flyers which are perfect for distributing around the venue, the handiness of these mean members can distribute them outside the venue and give to friends and family. 

The marketing materials are updated monthly.

Instructional Videos

The Online Portal also includes instructional videos on setting up the AquaBase and setting up FloatFit Classes in your swimming pool.

Health and Safety Documents

The portal also includes documents that you may need to meet your locations health and safety requirements. It is very important that everybody involved in a FloatFit Class 


The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) is an essential form that is used to screen participants that are planning to attend the a FloatFit Class. The questions are designed to help uncover any potential health risks associated with exercise. 

Risk Assessment 

A Risk Assessment is an examination of what could cause harm. AquaPhysical put the safety of instructors and participants before anything else, which is why there is a comprehensive risk assessment available for venue. 

Health and Safety Checklist 

AquaPhysical also provide a health and safety checklist. This is to ensure that all the relevant checks are made before instructing a class and no important steps are missed. This will ensure a safe area to exercise. 

The Online Portal is an essential tool for venues to use to ensure the success of their FloatFit Classes. It provides everything you need from new programmes to marketing materials. If there are things that you need specifically, contact AquaPhysical and they will be happy to talk to you about your needs.