Burpees on the AquaBase

02.07.19 01:10 PM

A burpee is a great strength building, calorie burning, full body exercise. It is great because it burns fat while building muscle. Burpees will improve your cardiovascular fitness, balance, strength and mobility all in one movement. A burpee on land is tough but doing a burpee on the AquaBase brings a new dimension to your workout.

Burpees on the AquaBase

Burpees on the AquaBase will have you burning calories, speeding up your metabolism, becoming conditioned and much more. It is an amazing total body cardiovascular and strength movement. 

Exercises on the water means they are low impact. Which is great to reduce the possibility of injury and it is better for your joints. The added instability of the water means you are working out harder and using your core a lot more to stay on top of the AquaBase. The instability will find imbalances and force you to correct them to stay out of the water. 

How to do a burpee?

The classic burpee is a four-point move. From a standing position, drop into a squat and place your hands on the ground just in front of your feet. Then put your feet back behind you, keeping your arms extended so you are in a raised plank position. Bring your feet back up to your extended arms and stand up.

Increasing the Difficulty

Depending on your ability, the burpees may be a little difficult or too easy for you. If this happens there are a few options that you can use to increase or decrease the difficulty. 

The starting point of a burpee on the AquaBase is to walk your feet out and in.

If you are feeling comfortable walking your feet up, you can increase the difficulty by squat thrusting.

Once you are completing them with ease, try adding a jump instead of standing up.

Adding a jump now easy? Add a 180° jump. The change of direction and landing will have your core working hard to keep you on the AquaBase.

To make it even more difficult try a 360° jump.

From there on you can increase the difficulty even further. Add in a squat, a squat 180° jump or squat 360° jump. 

There are lot of ways that ways you can make it more challenging and keep the move progressing. 

FloatFit Burpee tips

These are some AquaPhysical tips to keep your burpees effective.

Complete the whole movement 

Do not cut corners. To reap the full benefits of a burpee, ensure that the full movement is completed. If you start cutting corners, you lose all the benefits of the exercise.

Keep looking forward

When executing the burpee, you might be tempted to look down, but looking down to the AquaBase you will feel imbalanced. Keeping your head up and looking forward will avoid this issue and you will be less likely to fall in.

Keep your core engaged

The plank stage is important to make sure your abs receive stimulation. Ensure your shoulders are parallel to your wrists, keep your core contracted and engaged, back straight, neutrally aligned with your glutes. Arching your back will remove the positive effects the burpee has on the abs. There is also a risk of injury.

Start with the basics

Do not rush into the hardest moves. Slowly work up through the progression moves. Once you start successfully completing moves, practice them until they are perfect and then move on to the next progression. It will take some practice. There is a lot of skill and coordination used when exercising. 

Keep form consistent

Do not sacrifice form for reps. As with all exercises, quality over quantity will provide you with a more effective workout. It will also reduce the risk of injury.

Ensure progression

Do not stay in your comfort zone. You will see more benefits trying to push yourself past your current limits. Do not be afraid of getting wet. You may even surprise yourself.

The added instability will keep your core engaged to stay on the AquaBase. The instability will find your imbalances.


One of the best and most versatile exercises on the AquaBase. Make sure you are adding this into your programmes and ensure you are making progressions. If it is becoming too easy, make it more challenging for yourself. 

What is your favourite burpee or burpee variant? Let us know!