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The Online Portal

The Online Portal is a members only area where you can access everything you need to run successful FloatFit Classes.

NEW Releases and Marketing Materials will be available on a quarterly basis and are only accessible through the Online Portal.

New FloatFit Releases

Every FloatFit release is only available on the portal. Keep classes up to date using the latest FloatFit Classes.

Program Videos

Each program is released with videos to compliment the releases. This will show you how to teach the correct movements.

Exercise Library

A fully comprehensive library with teaching points of exercises that can be tried on the AquaBase. 

Marketing Materials

Access our eye catching high resolution images, flyers, videos and more to help you promote your classes.

As low as £7.99 per month

PLEASE NOTE: This subscription is ONLY available to Qualified FloatFit Instructors and Clubs/Facilities with Qualified FloatFit Instructors. In order to confirm Instructor status, access can take up to 5 working days. Payment details are held securely. 

Cancel or pause your subscription at any time by contacting the AquaPhysical Team. Cancelling or pausing your Online Portal Subscription, you will no longer have access to the Online Portal, including any existing or new FloatFit Releases or Marketing Materials.

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